It’s World Spay Day

Protecting our feline friends by encouraging spaying and neutering 

We want to support *World Spay Day by encouraging cat owners to spay and neuter.

This helps towards protecting them from getting pregnant and producing unwanted litters of kittens.

Male cats also need to be neutered as this helps to protect them from diseases and injuries. They will need to have a simple operation at the vets which actually involves surgically removing the male animal’s testicles, so he cannot impregnate a female cat.

Female cats

Spaying is a vital part of keeping your female cat healthy and protecting her from getting pregnant. After they have had the operation by a veterinarian surgeon she will be able to do the things they love doing like playing and climbing.

Having the operation is a very important part of keeping your animal healthy and happy. The operation is the surgical removal of a female animal’s reproductive organs so she cannot become pregnant.

Increasing neutering rates is becoming increasingly important as the cat population crisis in the UK rises. There are thousands of unwanted cats and not getting your pet neutered/spayed adds to the continued problem which results in more abandoned and unwanted cats.

Female cats can become pregnant from as early as just four months old so getting them neutered early is important.

Spaying and neutering can help lower or eliminate risks such as breast cancer, uterine infections in female cats and prostate problems and testicular cancer in male cats.

For more questions about when to have your animal spayed or neutered, speak with your veterinarian.

Always seek advice and information from your vet.

*World Spay Day is the last Tuesday of February. Offering an opportunity for shelters and rescue organizations to promote their neuter/spay programmes. Created by Doris Day Animal League in 1995 as Spay Day USA.


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