Our feline-friends need their sleep

Felines need their sleep to stay healthy

Our beloved kitty friends come in all shapes and sizes, body shape and temperament. Knowing and understanding your cat’s behaviour will help you to keep them happy and healthy.

Cats spend two-thirds of their lives asleep which is vital for their health and wellbeing They love to curl up and relax in a warm place and nap, they can sleep for 12-18 hours a day. The amount of sleep they have depends on how much energy they need.

However, if you need to move your furry friend, think carefully before doing so as this can affect their time resting.

They have two stages of sleep includes the Rapid Eye Movement (REM)and Non-rapid eye movement.

They display different behaviours like twitching their ears and legs, chattering their teeth and those in non-REM will wake up quickly when they hear a noise and relax.

If your cat becomes deprived of these stages of sleep they can become irritable or even a little lethargic. Sleep helps build, restore and replenish their energy resources so they are always ready to hunt whenever they detect prey. Younger animals need to sleep to help build their bones and muscles.

Move your cat carefully and during non-REM as they can easily fall back to sleep.

You know your furry friend, and gently waking them up depends on what they are like. A good way would be to make a quiet noise until they wake up, but ideally, try to avoid waking them up whilst they are asleep.

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