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How we work

Human Animal Bond



Companion animals can often be a family member one minute, alone and abandoned and homeless the next.

We help to raise awareness about homeless animals and promote the importance message to adopt a rescue animal and not buy one.

We want to help support those rescue efforts by donating gifts in kind items like food and blankets to rescue and shelters across the UK and now Internationally.

Our shoebox appeal has become a successful programme which helps those most vulnerable animals in need. We collect donated items and give to those in need. As our charity grows so will out shoebox appeal as we plan to extend our lists to include much needed emergency equipment and supplies which will help to save lives.

If you would like to help please donate to our Wishlist here (add link) and help us to feed and provide vital things for those animals in shelters.

Your donation will make a difference and helps to feed those animals who are homeless looking for a forever home.


Elderly people with animals

A majority of people will feel lonely at some point in their life, and in some cases this will pass however, for many particularly older people, loneliness can define their lives and have a significant impact on their wellbeing.

According to UK figures approximately 3.6million older people in the UK live alone, of whom 2 million are aged 75+

One of our core areas of work is in raising awareness about the importance of the human and animal bond. With this we aim to help educate and raise awareness about how these bonds can help improve the quality of life for a person, improve their wellbeing and health.

To share their lives with animals can make a tremendous difference on a persons life, bringing them happiness, purpose and responsibility.

Promoting responsible animal guardianship plays an important part in all our work. We raise awareness about the importance of looking after animals and their environment as well as what it means to bring an animal into your life as well as all the financial cost commitments.

We are developing our programme to extend to helping our elderly populations and their animals by providing some essential services to them to help support them, so watch this space.


 Donkey Welfare


Helping donkeys is part of our long term major plan to build a sanctuary and a hospital. As part of our mission we want to provide a happy and healthy home for retired, neglected and abandoned donkeys.

We are helping to raise essential awareness about these wonderful animals and also supporting through our shoebox appeal other rescue centres where we can.

For many years donkeys have often been exploited and used as commodities. Our educational programme aims to help raise awareness about the cruelty, suffering and neglect of these animals and see them as sentient living beings.

With so much cruelty in this world to both humans and animals and we believe all animals deserve a chance.