Felines need water

Our feline friends need water

Just like humans, our feline friends need plenty of fresh and clean water. It’s important to encourage them to drink.

Although some may prefer drinking from a tap, try to give them bottled spring water.

Provide wet food (70/80% water) over dried food, which has less water content (approx. 10%).

Ceramic bowls rather than plastic and always fill to the brim, which allows your cat to see around their environment whilst drinking.

Water bowls should always be kept separate from their food and litter trays if you have a few animals try to have multiple ones in different locations around the home.

Each bowl should be emptied, washed and refilled at least once/twice a day.

Monitor their water intake by filling their bowel and measure whether it’s less or more intake. Any change to their everyday amount needs to be noted and always speak to your veterinary expert, for advice and appropriate care.

Keep an eye on any changes in their urine, or toilet habits as signs of health.

As they love to play, why not drop an ice cube in their water bowl so they can play with it and therefore encourage them to lick their paws.

Always speak to your vet about your cat and their specific needs.

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