Celebrate with a Vegan BBQ

Why not celebrate with a Vegan BBQ

BBQ’s are a great way to people together to have some fun and delicious food. Why not choose to celebrate by cooking meat-free and hosting a Vegan BBQ for your friends and family. Here are just a few yummy ideas:

Potato Salad 


Chunky boiled chopped potatoes (why not keep the potato skins on), mixed with vegan dairy free mayonnaise and topped with fresh chopped chives.

Tomato pasta


Tomato pasta with chopped fresh coriander and why not sprinkle with grated vegan cheese . This dish is delicious, especially if you add olives to taste – enjoy!

Grilled veggie-burgers


Grill and sizzle your meat-free burger and sausages on the barbeque add extra vegan sauces for extra spice and zing! Why not add extra fresh salad and vegan mayonnaise and cheese to taste.

Grill avocados


You can gently grill your avocados and add a squeeze of lime to taste.

Chunky Sweet Potato Chips


Always a favourite, cook in foil after sprinkling the chunks of potato with olive oil and spicy herbs

BBQ Sweetcorn


Grill sweetcorn on the BBQ and add in baked potatoes in foil. Put small chopped sweetcorn onto a skewer then grill. With the potatoes wash, cut and prick then cover in foil on the grill. Some people like to part cook the potatoes before going onto the BBQ to ensure they are fully cooked in time to eat!



Why not create a wonderfully refreshing cloudy lemonade with extra fresh lemons as the weather gets warmer.


For desert option why not prepare a sweet bowl of fresh fruit salad and add delicious vegan ice-cream to taste.

A meat-free vegan BBQ really is a great way to share the compassion and promote cruelty-free living.

Bon appetit

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