Top 10 tips on how YOU can help animals

You can help animals and here are just a few ideas which will help you with your choices.

Go Cruelty-Free Shopping

As consumers we have the power to make change and increase the demand for cruelty-free products. Sadly, many companies continue to sell products tested on animals, but we have a choice with what we buy, choose the leaping bunny.

Informing yourself and friends about animal welfare

Raising awareness and spreading the animal welfare message is key to change. Education, reading and learning are all important ways to becoming informed so you can spread the message to your friends and family.

Be a voice for animals

If ever you suspect animal abuse, neglect or suffering, don’t ignore it report it. The most important thing you can do is act quickly if you suspect any cruelty, you could help save a life.


Consider volunteering to help animals, wherever you are animal rescue centres and shelters may need your help. Sparing a little time each week to help our fury friends will mean the world to those in need.

Why not choose cruelty-free clothing

Consider choosing faux leather and synthetic alternatives to animal products. There are many companies out there who sell animal friendly alternatives to leather and wool, making your wardrobe fabulously animal friendly.

Humane pest control

Avoid using all those nasty chemicals and inhumane methods to deal with uninvited pests. With some online research you can easily find animal friendly options.

Join animal welfare groups

Why not join local groups to share information and ideas, its also a great way to help support local rescue centres and shelters.

Help fundraise for animals

Helping charities and groups by fundraising can be fun and rewarding. Why not consider a fundraising activity with a group or as an individual and by doing so you could be having fun while raising vital funds for animals.

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