Stop Badger Culling

Badger Culling set to continues across more counties 

Reports announced the start of more badger culling across new areas including; South Devon, North Devon, North Cornwall, West Dorset, and South Herefordshire. The Government have already culled badgers in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset and now this will be rolled out across more counties.

Today’s increasingly intensive factory farming practices which are exploiting and causing immense suffering to animals, has played a key role in the spread of TB.

The badger is one of the UK’s most popular mammals and is a living symbol of British countryside. They are powerful animals that shelter and live underground in burrows called ‘setts’, these can extend to many metres. Now this wildlife massacre continues. It’s unbelievable that these sensitive, wonderful sentient beings are once again facing a new round of slaughtering.

Culling badgers is inhumane, unnecessary and we join many others in a call on the government to immediately end these cruel and senseless culls.

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