Adopt animals, don’t buy

Spay and Neuter

The Street Cat Named Bob film is at Cinemas from November 4th.

A real-life story of James Bowen & his loyal ginger cat, Bob. A story which depicts the relationship bond between a cat called Bob and busker James Bowen, who lived on the streets. There are thousands of cats, just like Bob, who end up homeless on the streets.

Be responsible and helping to spay and neuter animals otherwise we will continue to see an unnecessary over population of animals, who as a consequence often become homeless and unwanted. Neutering helps towards controlling the ongoing contribution of offspring to pet overpopulation and helps prevent the reproduction of many unwanted offspring.

Always adopt and help homeless animals rather than supporting unscrupulous breeders.

Animal shelters and rescue centres are bursting at the seams with animals all waiting for their forever homes but many animals cannot find homes. Instead of buying an animal choosing to adopt from a shelter helps create a new space for another homeless animal.

You will be helping animals to live a happier and healthier life by neutering, in particular helps to prevent cancers and tumors.

Always speak to your local veterinary for advice, information or help.

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