Animals are not commodities

Adopt an animal don’t shop 

Buying animals through online sites has sadly become a worrying trend and major problem. With people advertising their animals and selling them for profit often regardless of their welfare.

If you are thinking about introducing a new four-legged member to the family, consider adopting one from your local rescue shelter.

Often with online sites, anyone can sell anything, it is easy and to many a profitable trade.  Animals are not commodities, they are sentient and living beings who deserve our respect and compassion, and not to be sold by unscrupulous sellers.

These vulnerable animals being sold online could end up anywhere and with anyone. Giving up an animal, can for some be a tough decision, and for many an easy one. For those with the animal’s best interests and can’t look after them, they should give them to a shelter to be looked after, cared for and found a new home.

People who sell animals are often driven by sales and profit, with no regard to their welfare or health, often treating them badly, and neglectfully. They can exploit the buyers by charging great sums of money for an animal.

Adverts can be false, including information which is wrong and often misleading, as well as pictures which can be unreal.

Buying an animal from an unknown source is alarmingly risky.

Adopting an animal from a shelter helps ensure you will find one right for you and your family, especially knowing that their welfare comes first. They will often provide health checks on all the animals in their care and usually have been spayed or neutered, flea and worm treated as well as microchipped.

Please avoid buying an animal online and choose adoption of a rescue instead, you will be helping to give them a second chance at happiness and a loving home.

Photo credit savannah-walters

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