Protecting our feline friends

Protecting our feline friends

Cats are amazing animals and we need to do all we can to help protect our graceful feline friends and be responsible animal guardians.


They need to feel safe and protected by providing them with a comfortable and suitable place to live in. Hiding places are also important as they need to feel relaxed and secure in their own environment.

They also like to be high up on furniture, it’s a good idea to put up suitable shelves for them to perch or walk across.

Every cat often needs their own space and their own food and water bowls, therefore avoid sharing bowls with cats.


They need to have the right food according to their age, height, weight and lifestyle. A balanced diet is very important to ensure they have a good balance of nutrients. Different age groups have various requirements, kitten, adult and senior foods.

They need to be kept healthy and always seek advice from a veterinary professional if you have any concerns about their health.


It’s vital for our feline friends to get some exercise every day however,  some indoor cats may need extra

encouragement by increasing playtime indoors. Cats natural instinct is to hunt, so using toys can help them pounce and jump which helps then act out their natural behavior.

Keeping your cats weight balanced is vital to keep them healthy because being overweight can affect their quality of life and can bring on major health problems.

Health & welfare

Are you up to date with all your cat’s vaccinations and boosters, which can help protect your animal against diseases like cat flu and feline leukaemia virus.

Regular treatment for fleas and worms is also essential. Always ask your vet for advice regarding the best time for these vaccinations and flea treatments.

Importance of Microchipping

Sadly, thousands of cats go missing every year. Microchipping helps provide identification for your companion and gives them the best chance of being reunited should they become lost or stolen. Always keep the details you provide up to date. Read more about microchipping here.

Any Concerns

It’s very important to seek veterinary advice or help if you have any concerns about your companion.


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