Guarding our sea friends

Our Sea Friends

With an increase in news reports about seagulls and their behaviour, it’s high time we stand up and defend our feathered friends.

They are very clever, sensitive and caring parents who protect their young. These remarkable birds need safe places to care for their own as well as to feed themselves.

Sadly, numbers are declining rapidly and as a nation of animal lovers we must embrace and protect them. Lets help protect them  by introducing humane solutions which help towards their survival and not their persecution.

Our activities and actions can often have consequences for these gulls. Our efforts should be about working compassionately to help protect these magnificent animals.

Here’s a little mini-guide to what you can do if you find an injured seagull:

  • If you find an injured seagull, call the RSPCA or take it to nearby vet or wildlife rehabilitator
  • To get a quick emergency response please call the RSPCA tel 0300 1234 999
  • If you have a vehicle, drive the injured bird to a local birdlife sanctuary/veterinarian surgery
  • If you are unable to move the bird, it will need to be warm and protected, lay it carefully with a blanket into a cardboard box (ensure there’s plenty of ventilation)
  • Often the bird may be very distressed or scared so help it as much as possible but also make sure you are protected too when handling


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