Bats need protecting

Bats need our help and protection

Bats are incredible and across the UK they live in different environments depending on which species they are.

They have to work hard to survive, foraging and hunt for their food (all bats eat insects), hibernate and look after their young. Due to loss and destruction of habitat, less food supply, destruction of roosts, diseases and the hunting or killing of bats – many bats around the world are vulnerable and endangered.

Alarmingly, Over the last 100 years UK bat populations have been declining. With many still facing threats from building chemicals, construction and development work, these are just some of the examples of things that effects their habitats.

Bats play a big role in our environment, they help to pollinate some flowers and spread their seeds, they can suffer from problems with insect populations too.

Particularly during their most active times (May-September) we need to be on the look out for any vulnerable bats in exposed areas like on a wall somewhere or they my be on the ground. These bats need help and if possible they will need to be contained in a box with ventilation. However, avoid handling the bat unless absolute necessary – but always wear gloves and approach with caution, your safety is important so seek expert advice asap.

For immediate help call the Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228 for further advice as they are experts in bat rehabilitation, these contacts form the BCT UK Bat Care Network.

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