Looking after our elderly canine companions

Looking after our beloved dogs

We love our beloved dogs and when they get older they can become less energetic and sometimes more passive.

We must do all we can to care for our older furry friends to make sure they stay happy and well by protecting them. Our four-legged friends can become more vulnerable to the elements.

Make sure you do all you can to protect them against the sun. They may enjoy lying in the sun but this can cause them to overheat. During the colder months ensure they wear a coat to help keep them warm, as their fur can become thin.

Consider moving and altering objects and furniture around the home which can cause hazards. Slippery surfaces can cause problems and risks for our companions, consider alternative surfaces like a carpet.

Even if they are less mobile, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to go outdoors and get some fresh air. Provide easy access to their comfortable places, like a sofa or their favorite chair.

Even moving furniture around could cause potential problems, especially because their vision can deteriorate which can lead to partial blindness or even sign loss. Avoid changing things around because they could have difficulty navigating themselves around.

Taking care of our senior pals is essential, we must treat them with tenderness, care, and respect.

They can develop arthritis, which can affect their walking and play.

Stairs may become a problem over time as well as accessing cars.

Looking after their teeth is important too, as this can pose a problem and result in dental disease, which can be painful.

Some senior dogs can become less active and gain weight through lack of movement. Obesity can be a major problem for all dogs, regardless of their age.

Always schedule regular visits with your veterinarian. Consider a high-quality diet to help maintain their weight. Help them stay healthy by regular walks to keep bones and joints healthy.

If you are concerned or worried or need some advice, always speak to your veterinarian.

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