I Nose I Am Beautiful

A Cat’s Nose 

We all love our adorable furry kitties and when they look at you with their gorgeous little faces and button noses, we just want to kiss and cuddle them. However, did you know that their nose can often tell you more about them then you think. 

A cat’s nose has numerous blood vessels throughout it. In fact, when a cat becomes hot or cold their heart rate or blood pressure can raise and the vessels can get smaller or larger, which makes the nose appear darker pink or even red. 

These changes to the colour usually happen during times of excitement or even stress.

Kitties and their noses can change colour, especially as they get older, sometimes they can even change to brown or black.

However, if you are ever worried about their nose or anything different with your fur baby always seek advice from your veterinarian.

Here are some top tips about your furry pal’s nose.

  • Temperature can play a part in the colour of your cats’ nose, when they are cold the vessels get smaller and when they are hot, they become larger.
  • If you notice little freckles/spots on your cats’ nose these are usually normal especially with cats carrying the gene for red colour, such orange-or cream-coloured tabby cats and calicos.
  • Freckles/spots can show up on the nose, lips or eyelids and they tend to increase with age and are usually harmless. 
  • If your feline’s nose is usually pink and it turns white always seek veterinarian advice as this might indicate circulation problems or even anaemia
  • Look out for any darkness/shadowy in colour as this may indicate a reduction of oxygen to the tissues which can be internal organ failure.
  • Any raised or discoloured areas on the nose, swelling or bleeding, ulcerations can all be signs of something serious so you must seek immediate veterinary assistance.
  • If your cat begins to yowl, pace, and have sight issues always seek immediate veterinary assistance.    

As cats age they will need more regular health checks to make sure they stay happy and well. Always keep your veterinarian up to date with any changes you notice. Some changes can be normal, and some may need checking and looking into further. Your veterinarian will be able to help provide the best treatment plan for your beloved companion.

Cat nose colour changes are usually normal unless you notice other out-of-the-ordinary symptoms.  

You know your cat more than anyone and if you see any new changes, it shows you are an observant and caring guardian! However, always speak to your veterinarian should you notice any changes to ensure they are normal or are things to keep an eye on. Always keep an eye out for any sudden changes to your pet and seek veterinary advice immediately.