Micro-chipping can help save the lives of animals

Microchips for our companion-animal  friends

Identification by micro-chipping is very important for our companion animals, should they become lost or stolen it gives you the best chance of getting them returned to you.

All dogs over the age of eight weeks must be micro-chipped this is a legal requirement in England and Wales, and to keep the details on the database up to date. Each chip (only the size of a grain of rice), has a unique code in it. When animals are scanned for microchips their owner’s contact details come up on a national database, so keeping these details up to date are vital.

Always check with your vet for advice and information.

Road traffic accidents

Every year animals are involved in road accidents and many will have no form of identification.  This means that their owner may never know what happened to their beloved. In an emergency, taking an animal to a local vet to be scanned for a microchip helps identify their owner.

Animals can be returned to their homes, sometimes from long distances. Having a microchip helps veterinary clinics or shelters identify them quickly.

Sadly thousands of cats get run over but it goes unreported. In the UK it’s not illegal to run over a cat and go unreported. In the UK it should be illegal to run over a cat without reporting it afterwards.

Many families will often never find out whether their beloved companion animals were killed. Reporting an accident may help with emergency care or offer loved ones closure.

A cat being hit by a vehicle can have devastating consequences for the animal and for their beloved family members.

By introducing this legislation would give animals the respect and dignity they deserve.

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