Make Guy Fawkes night safe for our animal friends

Keeping animals safe and secure during Firework night

We all need to stay safe during Firework night, and so do our animal friends. For many of them, this will be a frightening time and they will often show signs of being scared, stressed and anxious.

We have a responsibility to do all we can to help protect our animal friends, especially during this annual commemoration.

Preparation is key, following some simple steps can help reduce the impact of the event on your animals:

  • Always seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns
  • Take your dog out for a walk during daylight hours and make sure your cat or dog are both indoors before it gets dark
  • Ensure your companion has been microchipped
  • In the home make sure your animal has somewhere to hide, a place where they can access at all time, which is quiet and where they can feel safe
  • Noise can be a problem so close the windows and curtains and put some music on to help quieten the sound of fireworks
  • Avoid taking any animals to a firework display, this can cause immense stress and problems for them
  • Avoid leaving your animals alone during firework night
  • Often animals will become scared with an unexpected noise and want to escape – ensure your home and environment is secure

Smaller animals

Hutches could be brought indoors to a quiet room or in a shed/garage, but make sure there is enough ventilation.

Give your animal extra bedding during the season so they can burrow down and feel safe.

Please do all you can to help your companion animal feel more protected and safer during the firework season.

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