Looking After our Elderly Feline

Elderly Feline Care

Provide extra loving care to older felines

Our wonderful feline friends need a loving home, good nutrition, and gentle exercise.

Looking after their wellbeing is vital, at any age. Depending on the individual cat, they may (or may not) develop different conditions as they age.

They can be more prone to putting on weight as become less active with age. Introduce playtime and exercise would be a good way in maintaining their weight.

Provide them with easy access to all the things they need and enjoy.

Make sure they always have warm and snuggly places to go to, like a favourite blanket. Because of their need for warm places to rest and sleep in, always check for unwanted drafts.

Some may develop arthritis, which is common in the elderly. Help to reduce the pressure on their joints by introducing easy to reach climbing areas around the home.

Try to keep them active and playful by gently encouraging them to play with you. Why not walk with them around your home or garden. Play a little fun game from time to time such as with a toy.

They need to have the right mix of nutrition so consider mixing dried and wet food together, to help them absorb the water.

Here are just a few little tips to in order to keep them happy and healthy:

  • Provide easy access to fresh water, good food and litter boxes
  • If climbing is becoming difficult for them consider creating a safer environment for them like cat steps to help reduce the pressure on their joints
  • Make sure everything is within easy reach
  • Gently brush and groom cats to help remove loose hairs and stimulate circulation
  • Put a night light on to help those cats with poor vision or eyesight problems to help navigate around the home
  • Help by sticking to normal routines as this helps to reassure them

Each animal has different emotional needs; some may need more emotional support as they age where some may prefer to be left alone. They can become dependent on relationships and require more attention, and it may be harder for any changes. Always give them the extra tender loving care they need.

If you are ever worried or concerned about your feline companion, always seek veterinary advice and help.


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