Life-saving Oxygen Masks for Animals

Life-saving specialist equipment for animals 

We are thrilled to have been given an opportunity to donate a life-saving oxygen kit for animals, to our local fire station. This is a great initiative created by the charity Smokey Paws whose mission is to equip every fire engine in the UK with these life-saving pet oxygen masks.

We are honored to have been able to contribute towards the charity’s work by donating one specialist kit to West Sussex Fire Services, which aims to save lives of as many animals as possible.

To lose an animal in a house fire can be a devastating and traumatic experience, our companion animals are often very much part of the family. But tragically, they can often become victims of smoke inhalation and poisoning.

Fire & Rescue Services work incredibly hard to support and protect our communities to be safer and stronger. Helping to provide specialist equipment for animals helps our brave and courageous firefighters to save even more lives.

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