leavng a legacy

Animals will always need us and by giving a lasting gift we can help towards new beginnings

We appreciate your gift

We want to make a lasting difference for the animals and we could not do this without people like you.

Here are a few things to consider

You could help protect animals by donating – either by setting up a regular gift, making a one-off donation or by fundraising for us. Please get in touch with our friendly team by emailing: fundraising@treatmekind.org.uk

Or you could take action for animals by joining our campaign mailing list by emailing: contact@treatmekind.org.uk

Leaving a gift in your will

Giving a gift in your Will is a very special way of leaving a lasting legacy.

By leaving a gift to our charity in your Will, you can continue to protect animals from suffering even after you are gone. Making a Will is straightforward and doesn’t affect the rights of your family and loved ones. A legacy can make a big difference to our work. The sum doesn’t have to be large to have an impact. We know that legacies are a very personal subject.

If you would like to find out more about supporting TREAT ME KIND International please email legacy@treatmekind.org.uk or why not call us directly.

Remembering in your will

By giving to those people and causes that were important to you during your life is an important and personal gift. A will is also the only way to make sure that your wishes are carried out after your death, a way to guarantee your gift to those you want to give to. A Will lets you leave clear guidance, saving your grieving loved ones from having to sort things out themselves.

Please remember TREAT ME KIND International in your Will.

Charitable legacies are exempt from Inheritance Tax so your full gift will help guarantee the work we are doing to help relieve the suffering of animals. If you don’t have a Will, a sensible first step is to consult your solicitor or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Gifts in Memoriam

If you have lost a friend or relative, a donation to TREAT ME KIND International is a way of paying tribute to their memory and offers a meaningful alternative to flowers. Funeral Directors will often be happy to help by collecting donations for you but you can send them directly to us if you prefer. We would be extremely grateful to receive the proceeds of your collection.

The kind generosity of supporters who leave a gift in their will helps us work to protect animals.