Helping to Kitty Proof Your Home

Keeping your home Kitty-friendly 

If you are thinking about bringing a feline animal companion into your family, you will need to make your home kitty-friendly.

If you have an older cat, consider placing some quiet sleeping areas around the house so they can feel safe and protected. If they are younger they may scratch or chew furniture, so put some scratching posts around and an area for their toys so they can play.

Consider their environment and remember they will want to explore the world around them. Look out for items on the floor which could cause problems. Remove any potentially hazardous items lying around like rubber bands, plastic bags and small toy pieces.

In general cats are playful regardless of their age and need their environment to make them feel safe and protected.

Wires and cables need removing so they can’t be reached as they could try playing with them.

Look out for anything with a lid like a toilet seat, always keep them closed to avoid little paws getting in there accidently.

They may want to climb things and go inside things so always secure small places to help keep them safe.

Here are a few helpful tips which might come in handy when bringing a new furry pal home;

• Look around your home and try to remove any fragile items
• Knitting items like needles can be hazardous so put them away
• Any long cords hanging from blinds for example need putting away to avoid them getting tangled up
• Keep all lids closed to avoid them climbing in
• Remove any items off the floor like rubber bands
• Some foods can be toxic to animals so be careful to put all food away and store them safely
• Wires and cables around the home can be hazardous so put them up away from harm
• Watch out for plants and flowers around the home as some can be poisonous to cats

It’s important to give your feline friend time to get used to her new surroundings and settle into her new home. Keep a look out to ensure they navigate around safely and do all you can to make their new home a protected and happy one.
Helping them to relax and enjoy their new world will help your bond to grow stronger and stronger.

Here’s a handy guide full of tips on harmful foods and plants to keep away from furry friends: cat-proofing your home from Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog.