Keeping our feline-friends living well

Helping our feline companion animals well and happy

We want our feline friends, who are members of our family, to live as long as possible. There are some things we can do to help maximise our cats’ life potential.

It’s essential to encourage the highest quality of comfort, including regular veterinary care, an appropriate diet for their age and weight and responsible guardian care.

Cats progress from one phase of aging to another, from kittenhood, junior, adult, prime, mature, senior through to geriatric cats.

Building a good relationship with your veterinarian can help support and increase the likelihood of your cat’s lifespan.

Throughout all the life stages, dental care is particularly important especially during cats’ senior years.

Bonding with your feline-friend is a wonderful way to form a lifelong relationship. We can do this in many ways, like having playtime with them.

Making sure that they are well-nourished, loved and kept healthy will all help towards keeping your furry pal happy and well.

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