Dog Walks and Muddy Paws

Keeping Muddy Paws Clean

For animal guardians dog walks can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the weather has been raining and the ground becomes soggy. Many of our furry pals love the mud and will often happily roll around in it.

Here are just a few little handy tips to help you keep your pooch clean:

• Try to avoid muddy routes
• Consider buying some specially designed dog clothes to help protect them from the mud
• Cover your car seats to help protect them
• Make sure you have everything you need ready to help clean your dog when you get home
• Clean your dog with water and always make sure their paws, underbelly and legs get cleaned too.
• Help remove moisture from their coat by giving them a good rub down with a dry towel
• Put down some runner mats near the front door to help keep the mud off your carpet/floor
• For extra floor protection put some newspaper down
• If they are too muddy they may need a bath
• If you need to use shampoo always check with your vet first for recommended products (ideally choose cruelty-free)
• Always dry your four legged pal properly to avoid any unnecessary chills

Always pay special attention to keeping your animal friend clean and fresh to help them stay happy and healthy!

If you are ever worried or concerned about their health or anything else always seek veterinary advice and help.