Cooking food outside can be hazardous for animals

Keeping animals safe at garden parties

Summer can be a time when people hold garden parties to celebrate the holidays and sunshine.

If you have a companion animal friend, be aware of some of the hazards around, especially with BBQ’s and cooking food outside.

There are many risks when it comes to grilling food around them, with the possibilities of burns, eye injury, chocking and eating scraps which could be harmful.

Keep animals away from the grill (never leave it unattended) and be aware of the charcoal fluid as well as this can potentially be toxic if ingested.

Staying safe around food is important, especially if you have a furry family member. Some human foods can be dangerous to your animals. For example, Corn on the cob, bones, spicy and high fat foods.

Animals hovering around hot sizzling meat can be a risk factor to. Cooked bones are a choking hazard, especially if the splinters get lodged in the animal’s digestive tract.

Watch out for leftovers and litter, they can be tempted to lick or eat packaging and food as well. Guests might also feed your canine friend, so watch out for this and ask people not to do it.

It’s always important to make sure your furry pal has been microchipped and has an ID tag on them, just in case they wonder off without you knowing.

Always keep a close eye on them, especially with busy events, and if they seem at all anxious in any way or unhappy take them to a quiet part of the house so they can stay calm and relaxed away from guests, noise and hazards.

Always keep them cool, make sure they have easy access to fresh water and shade, as they can overheat quickly.

Having a house and garden full of strangers can cause them stress, they need a place to retreat to, in a cool relaxed area so they feel safe and protected.

If you have outdoor animals like rabbits in hutches, they might be frightened so make sure they stay or are moved to a quieter place in the garden away from guests.

It’s a great time to have a special occasion with friends and family, but always put your animal’s safety first before holding an event because they too are part of your family.