Many foods can dangerous and toxic to animals

Be aware that some foods can be harmful and dangerous for pets  

For many, Christmas can be a time for overindulging, and we tend to eat a little too much during the festive period. As many of our beloved pets are members of the family, when we eat, we will often want them to enjoy a treat too.

But be aware of the hazards that some human food can cause your pet and avoid offering them what you eat. However, they do not need to eat our food and in fact, a lot of our food can do more harm them good. A lot of what we eat is not safe for our pets.

Cats are naturally curious animals and will often want to investigate any new smells in the air or to check out what you have been up to.

Keeping a mealtime routine is very important for cats as well as giving them the same amount each they eat. But by offering them extra treats and food it makes it difficult to keep a note of how much they have eaten. This can lead to you over feeding them and possible health issues. One of the problems you could start having is that by offering them human food regularly they may start to prefer it, and this can lead to problems like not eating their own food and not getting the right balance of nutrients. This can cause problems too if you are trying to switch them back to their normal food.

Always feed them from their bowl and keep their routine to avoid any feeding problems.

If you cannot resist giving your feline a treat on a special occasion, you will need to reduce their usual food allowance to make up for the extra calories.

Did you know food like gravy can be harmful to your cat because it will often contain onion, which is toxic to pets. Oils, fats sauces and gravy from human food can be really fattening and cause tummy upsets in your cat.

Cooked bones can be a real hazard for pets because they can get stuck, cause splinters in their stomach and even cause blockages. Even chewing on a bone can cause fractures in their teeth.

It is very difficult for cats to digest certain human foods, for example they cannot digest lactose which is a milk sugar found in dairy and can cause a lot of tummy upset.

In fact, the only time in a cat’s life when its body has enough of the enzyme lactase to properly digest lactose is at birth, so it can feed off their mother’s milk.

Here are just some of the human foods which can be hazardous and even fatal to cats:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dairy products
  • Fat trimmings
  • Raw meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Raisins and Grapes
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Unbaked yeast dough
  • Baked goods
  • Bones
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Your cat needs to be eating high quality complete cat food to ensure that they are getting the right balance of nutrients. Always follow feeding guides or if your cat is on a special diet ensure you keep to their prescribed food allowance.

Keep your cat active to help avoid boredom, get them toys, and have playtime, make time for your cat to help you bond with them.

If you are ever worried or concerned about your pet always get veterinary advice and help.