Sadly, there are many senior cats waiting desperately for their forever home in rescue centres across the UK. These are unfamiliar places for many who are used to comfortable homes. They will often become depressed and lonely while they wait desperately for their forever home. By adopting a senior cat, you are giving them a second chance. 

It takes a special person to welcome older animals into their heart and family for the rest of their days.If you are considering and thinking of adding a pet to your family, there are so many reasons to adopt, here are just a few.

  • You will help save a life by adopting and not buying an animal
  • Rescue centres look after and care for all the animals in their care and ensure they have had a vet check and all their vaccinations and treatments are up to date
  • You will be supporting the work of rescue centres
  • You will be helping to promote the adoption message as many people are still buying animals often from unscrupulous breeders
  • Companion animals are good for your wellbeing and health by helping to reduce loneliness and stress
  • You will be helping other animals by adopting because you will help to make room for other vulnerable animals in need
  • You will often have ongoing support advice and help after you have adopted

Most importantly, you will be helping to change a homeless animal’s whole world and you will be getting a best friend, what could be better than that.

#Adopt don’t buy