Adopting Homeless Cats

Homeless Cats – adopt don’t shop

One of Britain’s most loved companion animals are our beloved feline friends. They are truly wonderful, highly intelligent and adorable. However, in the UK many of them are or will become homeless.

More cats are sadly roaming the streets, unwanted and unloved, facing survival at their most vulnerable. With this comes increased risks for disease and other health and welfare issues. Their lives are very different from those with loving homes.

Cats need to be spayed/ neutered to help reduce unwanted animals becoming stray and homeless. Microchipping is very important just in case your beloved companion gets stolen or lost, it helps provide the best chance of being reunited with your animal friend. Read more about microchipping here.

Rescue centres and shelters will often welcome supplies like cat food, cat beds and toys – always ask them if they have a wish list with specific items they need.

Adopt don’t shop 

Many people continue to purchase their companion animals instead of adopting, causing huge animal welfare issues.

Consumer demand for different types of cats and dogs is fuelling the pet business and this can result in many health and behaviour problems.

With such a huge rise in people buying animals many of those are left and abandoned to shelters desperately waiting for a forever home.

Thousands of cats are abandoned, neglected, victims of cruelty, suffering every year. Many of those animals are brought into or left at rescue shelters.

Give a gift of a forever home

By adopting you will help to make room for another homeless friend and if you choose to do this visit your local rescue centre.

There are so many homeless cats awaiting loving homes. Giving a forever home to them is a gift of life, a second chance.

Adopting a cat is extremely rewarding and you will be giving them a future.


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