Going away? Don’t forget your animal companion

Our animal companions are part of a family, so if you have one and are planning a trip away, always consider their welfare and care.

You may decide to take your furry friend away with you or leave them home in the care of a responsible person. Whatever you decide you must ensure your animal pal is happy and looked after.

Animals can find travelling stressful, the change to their routine, new environment etc. Think carefully whether taking your four-legged friend away with you is the best thing for them or if it’s better to leave them at home with a responsible person.  They must be kept safe while you are away, consider friends or family to look after them, having someone they already know will help reduce possible anxiety.

If you choose to take them on holiday with you, always check that your destination an accommodation is animal friendly.  Always check with your vet that they are healthy and safe to travel. Vaccinations and treatments need to be up to date and they are micro-chipped.

There are rules when taking your animal friend abroad, which varies depending which country you are going to.

Entering or returning to the UK, your animal must be;

Microchipped, has a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate, vaccinated against rabies and dogs need to have a tapeworm treatment.

You must follow these rules, failure to comply with all re-entry requirements can mean your pet will be quarantined for up to 4 months at your expense so make sure you have the proper passport and entry requirements all up to date.

Don’t forget to check your vet has completed the following sections of their passports:

Details of ownership – you must sign section I if your pet passport was issued on or after 29 December 2014
Clear description of the animal
Distinct marking or identification of the animal
Vaccination against rabies
Depending on whether it’s needed – rabies blood test
Details of the vet issuing the passport (for passports issued from 29 December 2014)
For dog’s their tapeworm treatment (if required)
Always seek veterinary advice when thinking about travelling with animals.

Helpful link:

For further advice on the Pet Travel Scheme, cal their helpline on 0370 241 1710.

Enjoy your holiday!