Our feline friends make wonderful companions

Our feline friends make wonderful companions

Cats make wonderful companions, who make great additions to your family.

They are gorgeous, incredibly adorable creatures who bring so much happiness and joy. They are intelligent and loyal, very independent and self-sufficient.

They make a perfect companion as they offer warmth and affection that melts your heart.

Incredibly, their purr is beneficial to humans and there is research which shows that the sound frequencies can have potentially healing health benefits, like helping to heal bone fractures in humans.

Gently stroking a cat can help reduce stress and help calm you down. It can help lower resting heart rates and being around them can help lower blood pressure and stress.

With older guardians, gently stroking or brushing a cat can help to improve dexterity in hands.

There are so many good reasons to adopt, the rescue shelters are often packed with animals all desperately waiting for a good loving home. It also helps more than just one animal, because overburdened shelters take in many rescue homeless animals, and by adopting one you are making room for others and you will be giving them a second chance.

You will be adopting a new best friend which is a gift to them and to you.