Helping Cats to Feel Safe and Protected

Cats Communicate Through Scent

Both animals and humans depend on their olfactory system, or sense of smell to help us pick up a scent, and then process what it means. In fact the scent is one of the most common ways animals communicate.

Felines are incredibly scent orientated, and each cat has their own smell, helping them to establish territory and communicate.

A cat’s sense of smell interprets life for them.  Their environment needs to make them feel safe and free of stress.

Understandably, scents and smells are very important to cats as they depend greatly on their sense of smell. They use their scents to communicate and use their own scent to help them feel more accustomed within their space.

Notably cats will use the sides of their faces as well as the pads of their paws to help spread their scent around their habitate as well as rubbing and scratching too to help reduce stress and feel more safer.

They need to find a ways to reduce anxiety through activities like scratching and rubbing their scent around their surroundings. This helps them to express their natural behaviours and by doing so helps them to create a comforting cocoon with familar smells.

They like and need to scratch things and this is another way they leave their scent behind to establish ownership and another way for them to communicate with other animals. 

They need to be able to express themselves freely to help them feel less anxiety, fear or even stress. Here are a few litle things you can do towards helping your kitty stay happy and healthy:

  • Make sure your cat has plenty of places to hide
  • Provide high perches and safe access to outdoors
  • Place litter boxes in areas where your cat feels safe
  • Make sure they have plenty of scratching posts
  • Wash their bedding in a routine and not too often

If cats live within a multi-cat household, they all must each have places to hide away and retreat to. Their enviroment is very important to them and they need to feel safe and protected in their spaces.

Each cat is unique and they have so many ways of communicating with us, including rubbing faces, which is considered a sign of trust and friendship.

You know your companion animal   however,  if you are ever worried about them or concerned always seek veterinary advice.