Our Wonderful Hedgehogs Need Water

Help Thirsty Hedgehogs During the Hot Weather

As temperatures soar in the UK, many baby hedgehogs are dying of thirst in this heatwave.

We can help them by leaving out saucers of water for them to drink. They are very vulnerable as reports reveal they are declining throughout Britain.

Hedgehogs are native to mainland Britain and found throughout northern and western Europe.

Youngsters are particularly vulnerable in the very dry conditions, which it is feared could be devastating for the already declining British hedgehog population (which has dramatically fallen with fewer than a million left).

Sadly, these species could become extinct in years to come! Make sure that the water you put out is shallow enough to drink from without them falling in and drowning. Gardening can also disturb hedgehogs so watch out for them in hedges and when burning rubbish, always check carefully before starting.

We need to do all we can to help save these amazing mammals and by considering their needs and by showing compassion towards them.