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Pag’s Treats

Guest Blog by Paige from Pag’s Treats

Hi, my name is Paige but most call me Pag. When me and my partner decided to go vegan and ditch the dairy, I was devastated to find I couldn’t replace the indulgent chocolates we used to love.

Because of this I decided to make some homemade peanut butter chocolate cups (in the style of Reece’s Peanut Cups), for my partner as a gift. The recipe I created made a chocolate that tasted rich and indulgent yet sweet and ‘creamy’. It was from this that Pag’s Treats was born.

I began selling to my vegan friends and only a few months later created my own online shop and started trading at markets. After only one year, you can now find Pag’s Treats in various small shops in Sussex!

It is extremely important to me to be as ethical as possible, all of my treats are vegan and always will be. In addition, my chocolates are plastic free as I wrap them in a “plastic” looking material called Natureflex, which is made from woodpulp and is home compostable. The ingredients I use are responsibly sourced; I use organic Peruvian cacao butter which is more sustainable than other sources such as west Africa.

The chocolate I make is 100% hand made, I do not use a tempering machine or any other machinery. This means that so much care and time goes into each delicious bar.

I hope this tempts you to try some Pag’s Treats, you won’t regret it!

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