Creating a comfortable and secure home

Keeping our animal-friends happy and secure at home

It is a privilege to share our homes with our animal friends, they are part of the family.

Looking after their needs is part of looking after them. Their environment plays an important role in keeping them happy and comfortable.

We need to create a comfortable and safe environment for our animals, so arranging your home to suit their needs is essential in making them happy.

Sleep is an important part of their everyday lives, so making it as safe and comfortable is really important. Their bed needs to be free from any draught, put in a quiet place so they can sleep and when getting a bed, make sure it’s easy to clean.

Every animal is different, so depending on their personality they may need more privacy to sleep, a quieter corner, or perhaps a roof on their bed so they hide underneath. Give every animal their own place to sleep so they can feel safe and secure.

Homes can become busy places, so ensure that they have somewhere to hide. Always keep your home pet-friendly by removing any potential dangers and poisons.

Keep their litter trays separate from everyone and everything, so they have their own private area to use and have easy access to. If your animal is more mature, consider making things easier to access to avoid putting any extra stress or pressure on their joints.

Always make sure they have access to fresh water and have clean water and food bowls.

Consider all of their needs and take the time to ensure they are comfortable, cosy and safe. This will help them to feel happy and protected at home.


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