Don’t let Halloween be scary for animals

Keeping animals safe and sound

Halloween shouldn’t be scary for your pets. Always plan well in advance if you’re having a spooky celebration.
It’s so important to anticipate potential issues which could occur during the festive holiday. It can be a very frightening time for your companion animal, so consider doing all you can to help them stay safe and well during this time.
During Halloween people tend to decorate the interior and exteriors of their homes. This can be both hazardous to companion animals as well as wildlife as they can get caught and tangled up in practically anything. Be aware that pumpkins, although very decorative and pretty, if eaten can cause stomach problems. Plastic candy wrappers, tinsel, ribbon, all these types of small decorations are particular harmful and unsafe.
Animals can easily swallow small decorations or eat sweets or chocolate, so be extra careful what you leave out and what’s in easy reach. Eating these types of treats can potentially be very dangerous in particular chocolate and the artificial sweetener in sweets called xylitol. Seek immediate veterinary assistance should you see any signs of sickness or are concerned about anything.
Avoid putting any costumes onto your animal, this really can be no fun for the animal and can often destress them. Their home needs to feel safe and secure, so during the festivities be aware that noises can scare them so consider a safe haven at home, somewhere where they can be kept safe from potential hazards.
Always plan ahead if you’re going to be holding a party as all pets are generally safer indoors. Ensure they are kept inside from late afternoon through to the next morning. Even if you have outdoor pets, consider leaving them indoors for extra security.
Happy Halloween!

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