Adopt a Greyhound Dog

Protect Greyhound Dogs 

Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world and have been around since ancient times. Although, sadly, many of these animals are being cruelly used within the commercial racing industry often enduring a life of misery. Every year countless are being killed or abandoned.

Throughout their lives, they are subjected to many cruelty factors including things such as poor husbandry, unnecessary destruction of dogs after racing, injuries, abuse, abandonment, poor living and traveling conditions, muzzles and can be doped (drugged) to make them run faster.

Often left muzzled for hours can lead to sores and infestations of parasites. They race in extreme conditions and these animals are extremely sensitive to heat and cold.

The fate of many greyhounds is unknown; however, some rescue groups try hard to save as many retired greyhounds as possible but the only way is to end racing.

Avoid betting or going to these tracks, often these animals are being exploited. They are not commodities, they are living beings who deserve respect love and dignity.

These gentle, sociable animals are lovable companion animals who deserve a loving family who can give them a forever home.

Visit your local rescue center and consider adopting a rescue greyhound.


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