Purfect Gifts to Remember our Pets

Purfect Gifts to Remember

Losing a pet can be heart-breaking and often we need mementos and memories to help heal our sadness and grief. To help us feel closer to our beloved pets we can often want to hold onto treasured items and can help us feel closer to lost loved ones.

Treat me Kind have teamed up with Anne’s Book’s @ homealways who create a wonderful bespoke collection of bereavement gifts to help keep those special memories close.

Please use our unique code TMK20 at checkout and Homealways will kindly make a donation from each sale to the charity.

Anne’s Book’s @ homealways thinks about their customers and keeps their prices affordable, using mainly stainless steel and their chains are silver.

Many people sadly lose their pets and a wonderful way to remember your beloved companion is by creating a keepsake. They provide a special service of adding in Memorial Ashes and prices vary from £10 to £35.

If you have a piece of jewellery of your own that you think may be suitable, please get in touch with Anne’s Book’s @ homealways who will need to look at the piece first. 💚

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