Planning a fun day out? Why not do some animal-friendly activities

Going out for the day? If you’re thinking about what to do and where to go, here are just a few animal-friendly suggestions:

•Why not visit a human circuses which is animal-free. If an animal-circus is coming to your town why not write a polite letter to your local newspaper to help raise awareness about circuses and animal cruelty.

•Avoid places where animals are kept in captivity like aquariums and dolphinariums.

•Britain is home to some of the most amazing nature reserves located across the UK. Visit a reserve where wildlife are living in their natural habitat.

•Why not visit an animal rescue sanctuary – often they will hold public open days where you can visit all the amazing animals.

•Britain has some of the most exquisite parks which are free – why not visit their lakes where you might see ducks and swans gliding across.

•Get a bird table – help birds by bringing a bird table and hanging feeders in our garden especially during some of the hardest months.

•Why not – take your companion dog out and about for a walk and play ball -a great way for you both to bond and have some fun.

•Visit the cinema – to watch an animal-friendly film where no animals are used. Films such as Finding Nemo which gives a positive message.

•Hold a charity boot sale – during the summer months why not consider holding a boot sale to raise funds for a charity, perhaps you would consider choosing Treat Me Kind animal charity – we’d really appreciate your support.

•Have a picnic – whilst exploring the Great British countryside why not enjoy a traditional summer past time by having a picnic. When preparing your food hamper consider choosing high welfare ingredients like free-range eggs. If you’re making home-made food, why not use free-range, organic and locally-sourced ingredients. By picking high welfare, good quality ingredients you can feel even better about what’s on our plate.

Have yourself a lovely fun filled animal-friendly summer!

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