Make sure animals are safe this firework season

Bonfire or Firework night isn’t a celebration for animals

Firework season will soon be upon us especially as Bonfire night is now fast approaching.

If you are organising an event this year, please be vigilant and let people nearby know about it well in advance so they can plan their safety and their pets.

Bonfires are dangerous places especially for wildlife and farm animals, loud noises will often scare them and can cause injury. Be aware that many wildlife may be nesting, hiding or even living inside the bonfire. In particular, hedgehogs love to hide in piles of leaves and logs.

Pets need to feel safe and secure during these noisy festive holidays. Loud bands and whistles can cause pain in their ears as animals have very sensitive hearing.

So ensure you do all you can to help them by keeping them inside when fireworks are likely to go off, never take them to a firework display. Sadly, some pets can get injured if debris from a firework hits them. Take dogs out for early walks then keep them indoors until the next day.

The noise can distress pets so consider having the TV on or radio to help dampen the noise outside. Keep curtains, windows and doors closed.

You may want to talk to your vet about pheromone diffusers, which release calming chemicals and can be a good option for stressed pets, especially dogs.

Animals that live outside like rabbits and birds, consider putting them in a more sheltered area as they too can become very frightened. Outdoor hutches could come indoors or in a shed. Cover hutches with a blanket to help mask the noise but always make sure there’s plenty of ventilation. Provide extra hay or straw so smaller pets can burrow and feel more safe and secure.

The most important thing is you do all you can to ensure your pets feel relaxed, safe and secure.

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