Looking after your cats teeth

Felines need regular dental check-ups

Our feline friends are wonderfully independent; all with their own unique character and personality.

Looking after their teeth is a vital part of maintaining their health and happiness. Keep a careful eye on them as dental issues can become a real problem for our companions.

Often the idea of brushing their teeth can be problematic so always speak to your vet about their dental hygiene needs.

Investing in the health of their teeth is vital, consider alternatives to brushing like; good quality treats and food which have been specially formulated to help, dental gel, toys and chews etc.

There are even supplements available to add to their water bowl. Our kitties are so clever though and can work out that their water ‘smells’ different, so be aware of this!

Cats need regular check ups to avoid serious dental issues developing.

Always speak to your vet if you are worried or concerned in anyway.