Feline friends who live indoors

Natural behaviours

Cats need to exhibit their natural behaviors, having outdoor access will often benefit more in terms of expressing these behaviors like climbing, roaming their territory and communicating with other cats.

Although, keeping felines indoors can often help reduce and avoid certain dangers like busy traffic and roads. Staying indoors can also become boring for them leading to stress, inactivity, and obesity.

However, for some cats living indoors may be more comfortable for them, especially if they are elderly or have a medical condition.

As an animal guardian, we have a responsibility to keep our companions happy and healthy. They need access to several rooms and a place they can call their own. Place scratching posts in different areas so they can mark their territory.

Cats love to have an area to visit which is high up, for example, you could put a shelf up with a cushion, so they can sit quietly and observe.

Our animal friends need exercise to help keep them fit and healthy. You need to spend more time with them, playing and interacting with them.

Cats don’t like being left on their own for long periods of time. If you must leave them for a while, make sure they have some toys to help avoid them becoming bored.

Just like us, they too like their privacy, so keep their litter area in a private and quiet area and always keep it clean. Ensure there is lots of fresh water around the home.

Radiator beds are nice and snuggly for cats, as are cat trees, these spaces are vital for your cat regardless of age because it gives them something raised which they can rest on comfortably.

Being an animal guardian is a privilege. Interacting with your cat and spending quality time with them helps you to build a bond together.

Never play with your cat if they are anxious or afraid, stop playing and allow them to hide to a safe place.

Sit quietly near them to build a trust between you both.

Calmly grooming your feline can be a lovely way to bond, helping them keep their coat tip top. Offer a treat sometimes to make the whole experience positive for them.

Your cat tells you when they have had enough and we must respect them.

Our feline friends are independent creatures who have strong social needs like companionship, need to be entertained, so meeting all their needs is vital.

Often, they can suffer from separation anxiety when they don’t have enough attention. Being left on their own for long periods of time, they can begin to show signs of anxiety.

Watch out for abnormal behaviour like destructive or out of character, these can be indicators that something isn’t right. Perhaps they are more demanding or vocal, if this is the case, it’s always worth speaking to a veterinary expert for advice.

They love routine, schedule things for them during the day and stick to those timings, for example feeding time, make it at the same time each day, so they know when to expect food. Keep everything consistent.

Regardless of the age of your cat, it is vital to provide plenty of toys and other opportunities for your cat to play.

Ensure that your cat can sit and look out of at least one window, and try to make it a window with an interesting view- perhaps placing bird feeders within sight of the window!

Change toys regularly to help keep them from getting bored.

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