Our wonderful feline friends

Celebrating our feline-friends 

Our felines friends come in all shapes and sizes and personalities, we love them! They can be affectionate, playful, sleepy and lazy.

All cats are wonderful, unique, independent and territorial, we are truly privileged to share their lives.

They have highly developed senses like their hearing, smell and vision.

They communicate in many ways, including purring, growls and hissing. Sleep is an important part of their lives, they can sleep for up to 12-18 hours a day.

It’s so important to play with your feline, make sure they get enough exercise and encourage them to play with toys and with you, this will help you both bond together.

Bringing a cat into your life can help to reduce levels of stress and lower blood pressure. They offer companionship and unconditional love.

They need to be properly cared for by a responsible animal guardian and they need love and attention. They need a well-balanced diet and plenty of fresh water. They need regular treatment for parasites, vet check-ups and vaccinations as required.

Providing a cozy cat bed can help your feline feel happy and secure. Having scratch posts and toys is a great way to help them stay healthy and happy.

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