Keeping our feline friends happy and healthy

Felines need exercise and a healthy diet  

Just like us humans, cats can also face obesity and it happens to be one of the leading health problems with them. Being overweight can put your cat at risk for major health issues like diabetes, heart or liver diseases.

These problems are preventable and keeping your cat healthy, happy and relaxed will help them to stay well.

We need to keep a close on what our animal friends eat and watch out for over-feeding. By giving them a healthy diet and regular exercise this will help them to stay healthy.

Diet and exercise

Always be aware of the quantities and measures we give to our companions and seek advice from your veterinarian about which foods to give your pet.

Depending on your cats age there are many different animal diets out there for ranges of ages. But it’s important to find a food which suits your cat and when you do stay with it. People may often change foods and this can cause stomach upset.

Keeping your cat slim is helping them to stay healthy and have more energy, resulting in a happier cat.
If their appetite changes and you are concerned, especially if they stop eating or have symptoms like diarrhea, contact your veterinarian for advice as soon as possible.

Nutritional needs will change during a cats lifetimes, especially as they get older. They will need less calories and there are many food brands who include senior level food in their ranges. If your feline has piled on the pounds, consider reducing the amount of food or putting them onto a lighter diet, always ask your veterinarian for advice.

Exercise is vital for a cat, so encouraging play inside and outside is a great way to keeping them lean and healthier. Playing with your cat and their toys is great and if they are an indoor cat using interactive toys is ideal. Encouraging play helps to get them moving, which is also a great way to bond with your pet.

Just like humans, cats also age and may not need or want to exercise as much. However, it’s good to try and encourage them to exercise and play. We just need to be aware of their limits especially if they are older, they may have health issues, eyesight or hearing loss.
If you have any concerns or worries about your cat always visit your veterinarian for their advice and guidance.

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