Love an Ethical Wedding

Inspiring Ethical Weddings

Weddings are unique to you, here we just wanted to share some little ideas on how you can make yours ethically-friendly.

It’s a very special time in someone’s life, choosing to make it as ethical as possible can make your day even more memorable. Regardless of what size your wedding will be, picking ethical and animal-friendly can make a huge impact.

With a little bit of work, planning an ethical wedding couldn’t be simpler. Today, there are so many companies who offer animal-friendly alternative choices and options, all you must do is choose which one works best for you.

You can create a day which celebrates your love for each other and commitment to your values.

Food & Wine

Why not consider keeping the food meat-free? With so many different types of plant based meats available, there is sure to be one that works for your guests. Choose locally sourced food, or organic produce, where possible, this helps to support local businesses. Many catering companies now cater more than ever for vegetarians and vegans; you just need to ask.

Choose independent local winemakers who produce ethical wines and keep your guests topped up with great tasting drinks.

When it’s time to choose a cake, what better way to celebrate your ethical inspired wedding by choosing locally produced cake makers, who can create a delicious dairy-free triumph of a cake, ready for your guests to tuck into.

Love vintage 

Looking for that perfect dress? Why not go vintage. There are so many beautifully elegant vintage dresses available to buy, all you should do is choose the one which engages you the most and by doing so you are embracing it’s past and your future.

If you are choosing to buy your dress, why not opt for British made. Keeping things local are a great way to keep costs down and reduce your carbon footprint.

Vintage jewellery is a perfect ethical solution which can look both wonderfully timeless and beautifully classic. Avoid buying new diamonds or gemstones which can be often be sourced from unethical conditions.

Searching for the perfect venue

Looking for that perfect venue can be time consuming and hard work. Increasingly, there are more venues offering ethical choices. Today, there are more and more venues creating ethical inspired weddings, this includes sourcing food from local producers and from sustainable sources. Many places are adopting new sustainable structures. Researching potential venues will help you to discover your perfect venue.

Some people hold their special day within two separate places, which means more transport costs etc., why not minimise your costs by holding the ceremony and reception at the same place. It’s good to think local, perhaps you could hold your day locally so it has easy access for friends and family.

Wish lists are a great way to organise wedding gifts, why not include a gift in kind to your list. By asking guests to donate to your favourite charity you are directly helping a cause you believe in and support. You can also set up a fundraising page to encourage your guests to donate to the charity of your choice.


Time to choose where you will be spending your honeymoon. With so many places to choose from, it’s worth speaking to your travel agent or research online for the best way to travel responsibly. If you are creating your own travel package, avoid places and excursions where there is animal exploitation. Choosing animal-friendly destinations is a great way to make your trip even more magical.

With so many beautiful places to travel to across the UK, why not choose to honeymoon closer to home, many people avoid flying which can help reduce the carbon impact.

Remember that your ethically- inspired celebration could create a positive impact for your friends and family too, showing them how it is done can influence their choices.

Have fun!

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