Older people form wonderful life-long bonds with animals

Older people and their companion animals

Older people who have companion animals in their lives often form amazing bonds.

When life changes and elderly people have to move out of their homes because they can’t manage it anymore. Often many will need to find somewhere to spend their retirement with their beloved companion animal.

However, many will sometimes experience difficultly in finding such places which are animal-friendly.

Some places don’t have pet policies in place and some do that’s why it’s so important to do your research and find a suitable place for your and your loved one.

Many older people rely on their animals for companionship and to help reduce loneliness and stress. The human-animal bond can be a wonderful part of someone’s life and can be the difference between feeling isolated or needed.

Ensuring the care home suits your needs and preferences is vital, especially if you have an animal. There are some amazing services available out there where volunteers can help with tasks like dog walking, feeding animals, transporting them to the vet. Especially if a resident can’t take care of their animal temporarily while they are in hospital or respite care.

We support homes to be pet-friendly and would encourage people to always do their research when choosing a new home to move to. Make sure they are pet-friendly and if they are what the rules are in terms of living with an animal and being safe.

Although it can be a mission to keep guardians and companion animals together its an important one, which needs careful research.

Sadly, many people find themselves saying goodbye to their animals, something that can break both their hearts causing unnecessary suffering and pain.

Keeping older people together with their animals helps reduce loneliness, solitude, provides them with companionship and someone to talk to. Helps towards keeping a routine with everyday living and food times.

Animals become loved and part of the family, ripping this apart can destroy people’s lives.

Writing to your local care home to ensure they have a pet-friendly policy in place will help encourage those without pet-friendly policies in place to implement them.

We need to help people stay together with their animals especially during their twilight years so they can continue to share their lives with those they love.