During their twilight years our feline animal friends can also develop dementia

Our feline friends can also get dementia

As humans get older they sometimes take longer to remember or learn things which can often cause worry, however only a small percentage of people with age-related memory loss develop dementia.

As our older feline companion animal friends age you may start seeing changes to their behaviour, as they too can develop dementia and start to show signs of decreased cognitive function like disorientation. It’s important to look out for signs and not to just put them down to old age. Some signs can be cause for concern, possible illness or medical issues.

You know your cat better than anyone so if you notice anything that you are concerned or worried about always speak to your vet.
Here are a few signs to be aware of;

• Just like with humans, confusion or distress
• Confusion with their litter trays and behaviour
• More vocal especially in the night
• Increased agitation especially at night
• Less grooming then usual
• Sleeping more than usual
• Less appetite

If there are any behaviour concerns or problems, it’s important to try and rule out any medical issues first.

If you notice any of these signs or any others you are concerned or worried about, always consult with your veterinarian immediately.