Protecting companions from animal thieves

Dog theft is on the rise in the UK  

Your companion animal is not only a beloved friend but part of your family.

In the UK, thefts of dogs are on the rise and if it happens to you it can be a terribly frightening experience and can leave a family devastated. This crime can happen so quickly and leave animal guardians truly heartbroken.

Today in parliament MPs discuss the soaring trend and call for greater awareness of this offence and make it more legally serious.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid losing your best friend:

Walking your companion

Sadly, many thieves plan their crimes so avoid walking the same route every day, change and vary where you walk with your dog.

Be aware of who you speak to about your dog, although many chats are innocent some maybe a way of finding out more information about your dog. Sadly, many breeds have more value than others.


Gardens are a commonplace for these thefts. Avoid leaving your beloved unattended outside, secure your garden, gates and fences. Installing CCTV in gardens has become an increasingly popular option for many as this helps with evidence led information should a crime occur.


For the best chance of being reunited with your animal companion ensure they are microchipped, which will carry your details on (always keep your details updated).


If you choose to put an ID tag on your animal ensure that all the contact details are up to date and include information about being spayed/neutered.

Staying together

Avoid putting your dog in a vulnerable position, don’t leave them tied up outside shops or left alone in cars, especially during extreme weather conditions.


Always be vigilant when letting your dog off the lead, ensure you can call them back to you. Be aware that strangers may coax your animal to them.


Alarmingly, dog theft often goes unpunished, as they are regarded as goods. This important awareness day aims to raise essential awareness of this issue in Westminster and tougher sentencing.

If your suspect a theft

Always check for your dog everywhere, search thoroughly

Contact the police

Contact the microchipping company to help avoid anyone trying to re-register your dog with the same number

Call the RSPCA and local vets

Use a recent photo and create flyers to post around your neighbourhood

Contact Dog Lost, which is the UK’s biggest lost and found dog service.


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