Have yourself a Compassionate Christmas

Happy Compassionate Holidays

Christmas day is fast approaching and shopping for the big day takes a lot of planning and shopping. This year, why not choose to create wonderfully scrumptious meat-free meals. With so many tempting ideas and choices, choosing meatless has never been so easy.

For many, Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy, but please spare a thought for the millions of commercially-farmed turkeys destined to be slaughtered. Turkeys will often spend their short lives in crowded, poorly ventilated facilities. These birds are raised to grow at alarming rates causing health problems, suffering and pain.

These are sensitive, inquisitive, intelligent and socially sophisticated birds who roam in woodlands and are very protective of their family and young.

As a consumer, we have the power to make choices on what goes into our shopping basket and make a difference.

Cooking and sharing delicious cruelty-free meals will send a positive message to family and friends.

There are so many websites with scrumptious cruelty-free recipes for all.

Here are just a few:

Delicious Magazine

Happy meat-free Christmas!


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