Companion animals are part of the family package

Animals are part of the family so when making decisions their welfare needs are paramount, they play a huge part in our everyday choices.

As an animal guardian, you have a legal responsibility under the Animal Welfare Act to ensure that your pet has its welfare needs provided for. Leaving your animal without proper arrangements for their care and welfare is a criminal offence.

Taking off and leaving your animal behind is a big decision to make, one which should not be taken lightly.

Planning for their care and welfare

Make sure you have a guarenteed plan for your companion animal when heading off for your holiday. Safeguard their care and welfare whilst you are away by making sure they are cared for by a responsible person. Fastidious planning is required when leaving your beloved ones behind.

Their welfare and care plan is an integral part of your overall trip, so always plan well in advance before setting off.

When people go away on holiday there are many things they need to consider in particular the impact of changing an animals daily routine, which can cause stress. Leaving your animals with people they know may help to reduce the stress.

Animal welfare and their needs come first

Before departing, always leave very clear instructions for your animals carer on how they need to be looked after. Give contact details for your vet, emergency details where you can be contacted as well as any medical documentation.

When you have carefully considered who will take care of your animal, ensure they can provide complete care like checking their health everyday, look out for any health problems. The most important things is that your animal will be looked after and cared for as its a huge responsibility looking after someones animals.

A place to stay

Deciding where they will live whilst you are away is an important factor, choosing whether they will be happier to stay at someone’s house rather their own home is an important decision to make.


If you cannot leave your animal with friends or family, why not consider a responsible pet-sitter. The national registry called The National Association of Registered Petsitters (NARP), they present a list of their members.

Boarding establishments

Often your vet may be able to recommend a reputable boarding place for you. Selecting a boarding place requires research and thorough inspection. Some things to look out for are enviroment, is there enough space for the animals, cleanliness, enviroment, behaviour of other animals. Are they able to look after all the animals in their care, do they ask you the right questions about your pets needs and welfare. The Feline Advisory Bureau conduct inspections of boarding catteries and their website publishes their recommendations.


If your animal should get lost, having them microchipped for identification will help you both to be reunited. Make sure that the microchip has been kept up to date with your contact details, though the pet registry database.

Keep up to date with their vaccinations especially if you are heading abroad, ask your vet for advice.

Always check with your vet about the health and welfare of your pet.

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