Clean with Care

Clean with Extra Care

Help keep your animals safe around cleaning products

During these unprecedented times many of us will be cleaning a lot more than usual. However, it is very important to remember that some ingredients can be toxic and dangerous for animals. We need to do all we can to protect our beloved ones and keep them safe, away from any cleaning products which could potentially be harmful.

Always be extra careful when using things like bleach, as it contains chlorine which can be dangerous to our pets. Always make sure you dilute any bleach and follow instructions, then rinse the floors well afterwards. Avoid letting your pets walk on the wet floors, make sure the floors are completely dry.

Keep cleaning items in cupboards, including laundry, dishwasher tablets and detergents. These can be toxic! It can burn their paws, throat, and stomach. If this is swallowed it can lead to permanent damage and can even be fatal. Choose pet-safe products which often include less chemicals in them.

Keep all cleaning products safely locked away, well away from your pets.

Here are a few tips on helping to safeguard your animals.

  • Always check ingredients, especially bleach and alcohol, these can be fatal so follow instructions carefully and do not forget to dilute
  • Always rinse buckets and mops well and put them away after use to avoid close contact
  • Avoid using harsh laundry detergent

If you are ever worried or concerned always contact your veterinary and seek their advice immediately.

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