Choosing wool-free

Warm and cosy in wool-free

Do you have wool items in your wardrobe?

Many garments are made or include wool. The production of wool can cause immense suffering and cruelty to animals.

With so much choice out there why not choose wool-free. It’s not only sheep used, Angora rabbits and Alpaca wool are used too. Check clothing tags for any of these terms, if you choose not to buy wool, there are many alternative cosy fabrics available for us to keep warm through the winter.

Here are just a few gorgeous and glamourous coats available (and wool-free):

Elegant blush double collar robe coat, with a self-tie waist belt: click here

Simply faux, black wool-free with detachable hood: click here

If you fancy something red this winter, how about this little warm number: click here

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