Animal protection charities Nine Lives in Greece and Treat Me Kind in the UK have jointly collaborated to help stray cats in need in Greece.

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the stray cats of Athens. Since 2006, Nine Lives Greece has been dedicated to reducing stray cat overpopulation in Athens through trap-neuter-return programs. With over 1700 stray cats neutered/spayed annually, and care and food provided for 500 street cats daily, their efforts have had a significant impact.

Treat Me Kind advocates for animal compassion, promoting the adoption of rescue animals and emphasizing the human-animal bond. Through their shoebox appeal, they collect essential items for homeless animals and raise awareness about the positive impact of pets on well-being.

The fact is stray cats are suffering in Greece, with many needing urgent medical care, suffeing from wounds from dog attacks, or broken bones from road traffic accidents.

Together, these two charities want to raise awareness and funds to continue the dedicated work to treat & care for those cats who need help the most.

This is how a donation could help make a huge impact on the lives of these animals.

  • £2 can buy a stray cat in Athens a full dinner!
  • £5 buys vital antiparasitic treatment now that spring has sprung!
  • £25 can feed an entire stray cat colony for the day!
  • £50 provides essential medical care for the stray cats Nine Lives looks after every day on the streets of Athens!

Cats in Greece need us, and we cannot do this without support from people like you.

Your donation, however large or small, will help ensure the cats are neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies and ensure that each cat gets the care they desperately need to live a healthy and happy life.  Please consider donating today to support our cause.

Join us in our mission to create a better world for animals and their human companions. Together, we can make sure every furry friend has a chance for a better life. Thank you for your compassion and support!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Zoe, Nine Lives’ resilient fighter! Despite battling cancer in her ear, she captured hearts with her purrs and love for belly rubs at the clinic. Now in her forever home, this 10-year-old diva proves that age is just a number.